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Printing Templates - Design It Yourself

Good graphic design can be expensive. And since it represents you and your business, it is generally worth it.


But sometimes you just need something quick and inexpensive - design work that you can do yourself. We'll help you by providing templates for all of the most common printed items. Here you'll find the templates for regular and fold-over business cards, four sizes of post cards, fliers, brochures, rack cards, door hangers, posters, letterhead and envelopes.


You can save these templates to your computer and then take your time designing what you need, using software you already know how to use. The color-coded templates are available as both .jpg and .pdf files, and they will work with Microsoft Publisher, Serif, Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.


Each template has its size shown and instructions for trimming and mailing zones. Nevertheless, there are somethings you should understand before you start.


Perhaps the biggest single effect that makes something look professionally designed is having the color or graphic extend to the end of the paper. This is called the "bleed."


Since we cannot print right to an edge, we create the effect by printing your piece slightly larger than the finished size and then trimming the paper back. For example, a flier 8.5" x 11" will actually be designed as 8.75" x 11.25" and printed on paper 9" x 12". Then we trim off 1/8" from all sides, leaving an 8.5" x 11" with "full bleed."


Our templates have a red edge for the bleed area and a yellow zone inside of it. If your piece bleeds, design to the full size, covering the red zone entirely. Where the red meets the yellow is where we will trim it. Each template also has a white area. Keep all important information within that white area.



Download all pdf templates (6.5 mb)


Download all jpg templates (8.5 mb)


Have known Rich & Carol for several years. Have had excellent results for the all projects thus far, all at a fair price. I look forward to continuing doing business with AP & M for years to come.

--- Don D, Owner HVAC company


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Some templates have special characteristics. For example, the outside of a fold over business card has the top panel set 180 degrees from the bottom panel. (Think about it - it makes perfect sense.) Envelope templates cannot have a bleed area and tri-fold brochures do not have equally spaced panels to compensate for the folding.


Now a word about graphics. Unless you have some high resolution graphics already, we highly recommend visiting At last count they have over 20 million royalty free graphics and we're sure you'll find something you like. But try before you buy. By right clicking on a iStockphoto graphic, you can download a watermarked image to your computer. Do not even attempt to remove the watermark (and we will never print a graphic that appears to have been altered). Plug the graphics into your design and when you find those you like, purchase them. Just be sure to buy ones that indicate 300 dpi or have an .eps extension. When in doubt, purchase one larger than you need.


When you are finished, save your design in as high a resolution as you can, preferably about 300 dpi. The best format to save your file is as a .pdf but we can accept high resolution .jpg files.


Finally, if you have any questions, give us a call. Remember, we're here to make you look good on paper!