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Direct Mail Lists

Now you can create your own mailing lists, tailored to your exact needs! Get immediate counts and costs for new prospective customers. The power of large corporations is now available to you. (And if you still don't see who you're looking for send us a quick email with your specifications and we'll find them for you.) For a list of SIC Codes click here.


It isn't possible to describe all the mailing lists available to you. Instead, here are a few sample lists that we have secured for our customers: Residential lists, with and without names, limited by county, city, even mail carrier route, with and without income levels. High school junior and seniors for a professional photographer. Businesses with 10-99 employees within a geographic area for a group health insurance agency. Families with children age 6-12, household income > $125,000, within a specific radius of customer's store addresses, but excluding addresses that fell into a neighboring county (for a specialty retailer). People who took courses in running a Bed & Breakfast (for a B&B owner looking to sell). Classical music lovers for a concert promoter. Voter registration lists for candidates. Home owners for a bank offering home equity loans. List was then cross checked with current bank customers to purge existing customers. Households with children under age six for a new child care center. People who own a Prius and own their home in a specific county for a solar contractor. People who have purchased their homes within specific years for a remodeling company. People who have recently moved into a neighborhood for a dentist. Now it's your turn to create that perfect list of new customers!

Create Your Own Mailing Lists

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