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New Movers Direct Mail

The other pages in this section describe how our printing and mailing services fit specific industries. This page is somewhat different in that we'd like to tell you about a specific list that is available and how it is just perfect for many business that all have one thing in common - the desire to reach out to new residents before their competition does.


Fully 17% of the US population moves every year - and almost all file a change of address with the Post Office. And we have access to every one of them. Would it help your business if you knew who they were? As newcomers to the area they will have a special need for goods and services. Shouldn't they be your goods and services?


One new family could easily mean two, three, four or more new patients for a dentist. And chances are they have a car or two that will need servicing. Maybe new blinds, curtains and flooring. Sooner or later, they'll probably need a plumber or a painter. Wouldn't it be great if it was your post card that was under the magnet on their refrigerator?


This is not a very expensive list to secure and it can be rented based upon new movers within the last 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and six months. And it becomes less expensive when you rent it on a subscription basis, such as obtaining new movers every month for the next six months. Other selections are also available, such as income levels, children in the family, etc.



I will continue to have all the printing for my store, such as fliers, mailers and labels, done by American Printing. [They] have given my company great products at great value.

-- M. Briganti, Specialty Wholesale


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Here's another thought - many businesses compliment each other. This is the type of printing and direct mail project that is perfect for multiple business to get together and share the advertising.


(We mentioned above that 17% of the US population changes their physical address every year. Approximately 40% of Internet users change their email addresses every year and very, very few go through the bother of changing it with all the web sites they've subscribed to. This central change of address system is one reason why direct mail continues to thrive along side of email marketing campaigns.)