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Carrier Routes Search Tool Documentation

We've taken the Post Office's Every Door Direct Mail program and done something they couldn't do - we made it simple for you. Don't worry about permits, registrations or trying to navigate their web site. You can do it all right here.


First consider who you want to know about your product or service. Other businesses? Consumers? Are there any particular age groups or income levels? When you've thought through those questions use the link below to navigate to our form.


On the on the first part of the form, enter your information, including any special requests or comments, then view the map. Enter an address in the vicinity of where you want to sell, then click "Check for routes." You'll see the US map zoom down to that particular address and below the map will be a table of nearby carrier routes. As you place your cursor on a particular route, both the table and the area on the map it represents will highlight in yellow. If you click on the route - that is, choose it, both the table and the map area will change to purple. You can always "unclick" to deselect a route or clear all selections. Note that as you choose different routes, a running total is displayed..


Note that in addition to the geographic area represented on the map, each carrier route also indicates the number of business stops, residential stops, age group range counts, median age,


American Printing & Mail helped design my business' punch cards. They turned out great.

--- J. Thompson, Health Services


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median household income and average number of residents per household. You can use this information to further "cherry pick" your markets. (We assume you understand that in the EDDM program a mail piece is required for every stop on the routes.)


When you are satisfied with your selections, click the "Submit your choices" button and you are finished. Your route choices and their total counts will be automatically submitted to us and someone from our office will contact you to discuss your design.


We told you we could make it easy for you.


Start your carrier route search now.